Garda hotels

Garda is one of the most picturesque towns of Lake Garda. Hotels of every category line the lakefront or sit in gorgeous hillside locations, such as Marciaga, which has a spectacular golf course surrounded by olive trees and overlooking Lake Garda.

Its magnificent Villa Alberini and Palazzo dei Capitani are examples of the town’s prosperous past and its ties with the Venetian Republic. Take a tour of the Eremo dei Camaldolesi, a sanctuary on Rocca dei Frati, the Friars Rock, which is a symbol of Garda. The beautiful lakefront boulevard is the setting for one of the most famous open-air markets of Lake Garda, which takes place every Friday. The local restaurants and cafés look forward to serving you its specialties from this area of Lake Garda.

Punta San Vigilio, one of the most beautiful places on the lake, is close to Garda. The park, which is open to visitors, lets you get in touch with nature and explore areas where you can swim in the crystalline waters of the lake. Biking amidst the hills and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see in this part of the Veneto region will introduce you to the inland area of Garda, and you can hunt for the wineries and oil mills that are characteristic of this hilly zone.

Lago di Garda magazine lets you browse the many options available in this town and easily book your holiday. You’ll pay for your stay directly in the hotel. Garda on lake Garda has a wide selection of hotels, and if you love the great outdoors, you can find well-tended camping sites, all located on the banks of Lake Garda.