The Lake Garda fishermen

"The Benaco (the original name of Lake Garda, Ed.) nurtures in its vast cradle numerous species of fish of different sizes and shapes; some lovers of the cold abyss, others of the tepid waters near the surface; the latter sociable, living in compact ranks, the former seeking solitude and shunning company.

They dart, leap, skim through the water, agile, elegant, and in the peaceful harbours, over fine sand and bright stones; among the algae and cane-brakes they weave love and alliances, they fight ferocious battles..."

Thus in his book entitled "Benaco", Giuseppe Solitro commenced his chapter on fishing.

Over a hundred years have passed since then and there may well be fewer fish in the waters of Lake Garda; undoubtedly there are fewer fishermen who lay their nets, but finishing is still a strenuous yet fascinating activity that supplies those restaurants that today are more aware of the need to offer visitors traditional dishes of superior quality.

The Garda fishermen's co-operative that has the most members and features in these photographs has inherited the legacy of the old fishing corporations which kept the lake garda's economy and society alive in past centuries.

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Text: Piergiuseppe Pasini;
Photo: Foto di Matteo e Basilio Rodella;
Publisher: Acherdo - Rivista Lago di Garda

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