Mount Baldo Cableway in Malcesine on Lake Garda

To see the extraordinary panorama of Lake Garda, nothing is better than a ride on the Malcesine cableway.
In just 10 minutes, the cableway climbs 1,700 meters to the top of Mount Baldo at an altitude of 1,800 meters. People can hike, ride mountain bikes or travel on horseback to the peak.

Mount Baldo is a spectacular panoramic terrace overlooking Lake Garda with a view that spans the snow-capped Pre-Alpine region, the Po Plains and the majestic Dolomite Mountains.

One of the most fascinating natural environments of the Alps, Mount Baldo has great slopes for skiing and snowboarding. If you wish, you can improve your technique and style at the Book your hotel or residence in Malcesine Ski Club and Ski School. In the winter, the slopes of Mount Baldo are always covered with snow. Skiing with a fabulous view of Lake Garda is truly a memorable experience.

Due to the influence of Lake Garda's climate, the mountain is home to many different natural environments: from Mediterranean shrubs and bushes to Alpine pastures and rocky peaks. This is why Mount Baldo is called "The Garden of Europe" and is a genuine link between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

The Malcesine cableway has a unique feature: on the second leg of the trip, the car slowly revolves to provide 360 degree bird's-eye view and to make passengers feel as if they are soaring in the air.

The Malcesine cableway on Lake Garda is one of the world's most modern systems. Built in record time and designed to blend with the surrounding environment, it easily handles the flow of tourists all year round.

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